Accessibility Features of the MADIL Web Site Pages


A skip-navigation link is located at the top, left corner of every MADIL page. This link provides direct access to a page's unique content.

Keyboard Shortcuts / Access Keys

For quick access to MADIL pages and for better accessibility to MADIL site visitors without a mouse, there are integrated keyboard shortcuts. They are accessible using the following characters.

  • Access Key "h" is a shortcut to the MADIL home page.
  • Access Key "s" is a shortcut to the search box on the MADIL home page.
  • In the results pages produced from the search box on the MADIL home page, access keys are numbers: "1", "2", "3", etc.. Access keys correspond to numbered links on each results page.

The keyboard combinations that activate shortcuts depend upon operating system and Web browser. The table below has the details.

Changing Text Size and Background Color

To change the text size, click a choice that appears on the right side, near the top of any MADIL page. Clicking the last choice listed displays the largest text size on a black background.


  • The text of each link is written so it makes sense out of context. This enables tabbing from one link to another.
  • Headings are used to aid tabbed navigation of page content.
  • Acronyms, such as "MADIL", are spelled out for those Web browsers and screen readers that have this feature enabled.


All images include descriptive text (ALT) attributes.

Table of Access Keys

OSBrowserAccess Key Combo
Windows Firefox SHIFT + ALT + Access Key
Windows Internet Explorer 4+ ALT + Access Key (to focus the link) + ENTER to activate
Windows Mozilla ALT + Access Key
Windows Netscape 6 and above ALT + Access Key
Windows Opera 7 SHIFT + ESC, followed by Access Key
Mac OS X Internet Explorer CONTROL + Access Key
Mac OS X Firefox CONTROL + Access Key
Mac OS X Mozilla CONTROL + Access Key
Mac OS X Netscape 6 and above CONTROL + Access Key
Mac OS X Opera 7+ SHIFT + ESC + Access Key
Mac OS X Safari CONTROL + Access Key

Please note: The content of the resources referenced by MADIL is the responsibility of the owners of the Web sites on which the content appears. The MADIL links to these Web sites are not intended to reflect the importance of those sources or to endorse any views expressed or products or services offered by those Web sites. Please direct to those owners any questions or comments about their content or about accessibility of their site.