Search Tips

  • To get fewer, more accurate results:
    • if using a multi-word search term, surround it with quotes
      Note: Alternatively, check the Search by phrase box.
      • "learning disability" rather than learning disability
    • combine the search term with a town/city name
      • neurologist Cambridge rather than just neurologist
    • use more than one word
      • assistive technology rather than just technology
    • exclude a word
      • respite -disabilities rather than just respite
        Note: There must not be a space between the "-" and the term to exclude.
  • To get more results:
    • search for the singular or the plural
      • therapist OR therapists
        Note: "OR" must be capitalized.
    • use fewer words
      • equipment or medical equipment rather than durable medical equipment
    • don't use a town/city name
      • assistive living rather than assistive living Boston
    • use "OR"
      • camps southeast OR northeast rather than just camps southeast
        Note: "OR" must be capitalized.
    • at the bottom of the search results page, click the link, if one exists, entitled "repeat the search with the omitted results included".
  • More search tips from Google
  • Advanced search forms specific to each MADIL resource

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